Risk management made wildfire-resilient

For Insurance, Financial Markets, Corporate, Land Owners and Governments.

We take great pride in our data, which is the basis for our models. The risk scores can be directly used to evaluate the vulnerability and support asset comparison and risk flagging.



In Good Company

Our exposure models are built on top of the industry standard Oasis Loss Modelling Framework. We follow open standards and work with the industry to co-develop our models.

TerraGrid partners with Oasis LMF

Climate-resilient Reporting

Make sure your operations take into account risks imposed by climate change and strengthen your exposure evaluation, reporting & decision-making.

Manage Portfolio Risks

While wildfire seasons become more extreme, manage your portfolio at a new level by understanding your assets exposure to extreme wildfire events.

Use Trusted Wildfire Models

Build on top of state-of-the-art research and expertise while building your products and services with accurate risk data.

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